Healthy food

We have existed since 1990!

We are the first firm in the region and one of the oldest firms in Poland, which deals with "healthy food".

Not only do we sell products, but also advise. The products that we offer come from reliable suppliers with many years’ experience, which guarantee the highest quality. We invite you to see our offer and shopping in our Internet shop.

Dia food

Żywność dia The Dia food products are meant mainly for people suffering from diabetes or those on a diet, because they do not contain sugar. They are either sugar-free or sweetened with natural or artificial sweetening substances. Among our products you will find: sweeteners, sweets (chocolates, candies, cookies, wafers), jams (different tastes), beverages and their concentrates, and other products enriching the diet.

Baby foods

Żywność dla dzieci This group includes baby foods and dietetic products made for our youngest consumers, bearing in mind their health and proper development, as well as the comfort of their parents. We would like to recommend especially products of “Hipp”. We have been cooperating with this firm since it appeared in Polish market.

Gluten-free products

Żywność bezglutenowa This group of products conventionally called gluten-free include gluten-free, milk-free, low-protein and eggs-free products. They are meant for people suffering from phenylketonuria, celiac disease, intolerance to certain nutrient elements (eliminating diet). We offer: pasta, cakes, sweets, wafers, baking concentrates, flours, ready-made dishes and instant products.

Bio food

Żywność ekologiczna Bio products are fully ecological. All the ingredients of bio food are carefully selected and come from chosen farms which adhere to strict standards and have all the relevant certificates obligatory in European Union. These unique products are addressed to a vast group of consumers. They are used by those who suffer from civilisation diseases, by vegetarians and vegans, but also by those who look for harmony with nature. The main consumers of these products are those who are aware of what they are eating.

Among our products you will find almost all equivalents of conventional food.

Natural food

Żywność naturalna The so called natural food include low processed products, but also those highly processed products manufactured through natural processes without the use of improving agents, preservatives, flavour enhancers. In our wide choice of products you will find: seeds (shelled and not shelled), cereals, mueslis, quails’ eggs, wine vinegar, extra virgin oils, dried fruit, jams, juices, syrups, products made from highly processed, genetically unmodified soya (beverages, desserts, granular products, instant beverages), sugar (cane and brown), products made from amaranthus, etc.